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  1. Oh, now I know where you are. This is so wonderful. We need to move to East Texas!
    I so desperately wish music for my girls. I have no knowledge, no experience, no foundation… but, I play recorder for fun, picking hymns from ear and guiding myself a bit with our hymn book. I am boring my husband to death with the thought of a weighted 88 keys piano for the girls this year. I also have a couple of opportunities to trade or get economic classes for the girls.
    I have this idea from a friend, that piano is, as her grandmother says, the foundation for many other instruments. I know the girls will play it, if not I surely will try. I also know that classes are needed because they improve your practice. Even if the lessons are short, but often, that will help us.
    I believe as CM did and many other people do, that it is important to appreciate the efforts and talent of musicians when we listen to music, as well as to be able to make something beautiful. In the meantime we enjoy singing, which is our own instrument as well. I am so thankful to God for giving us the ability and joyful commandment to make music with our hearts!

    I am enjoying your pictures and looking forward to seeing more.


    • You are absolutely right. Piano is kind of like Latin — everyone should learn it and not as an after thought during high school. All my boys learn to play the piano just like they learn math, science, history, etc. Then, they can learn to play other instruments.

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