Winter Concert 2015

It was a cold, wet night…

It really was cold and wet but I won’t turn this into a novel. The East Texas Home School String Orchestra is in its 9th year. There are a total of 31 musicians playing in 3 orchestras. The 1st year orchestra has 9 completely new students, 5 students who are learning a new instrument in addition to the one they are already playing and 2 students who are repeating the 1st year to get a little more practice. There are 4 students who are playing in all 3 orchestras on different instruments. Their goal is to learn all 4 stringed instruments found in a string orchestra. My youngest student is just barely 9 and my oldest is 17.

Our concert went well and considering the nasty weather outside, we had a good crowd. One thing I’ve learned is that parents and grandparents will endure just about any sort of weather to support their children. The 1st year orchestra performed 3 1/2 minutes of music. It doesn’t sound like much considering all they’ve learned since September but it is plenty for this level. The 2nd year orchestra played about 7 1/2 minutes — just about twice as much as the first. It wasn’t planned that way but makes since that they could do about twice as much as they did last year. The Concert Orchestra played about 15 minutes worth of music.

My 13 year old son recorded the music, cut it, edited it and uploaded it to Youtube. Below are links to each orchestra’s performance — Thank you, Jonathan.


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